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Woman Haircut

Man Haircut

Kid Haircut

The Services

Single Process (All over regrowth touch up) – $65+

Gloss/Toner (Semi Permanent gray blending, color refiner, enhancer, neutralizer) – $30+

Full Color (Roots to ends color) – $95+

Hairline/Part (Have an event and need a quickie root refresh?) – $35+

Face Framing Highlight (Balayage or Foil to create a pop of brightness around your face) – $75+

Partial Highlight (Balayage or Foil, ½ – ¾ of head, based on desired result) – $130+

Full Highlight (Balayage or Foil highlights all over, to create a brighter look all around) – $175+

Add a Foil (Add a pop of color or brightness) – $5/foil

Eufora Beautifying Elixir add on (Targets free radicals and prevent damage, improves strength & elasticity,
slows down oxidative process allowing for better color penetration, also restores and repairs
hair structure due to residual damage) – $20

Brazilian Bond Builder add on (Prevents damage during all color services by protecting against loss
of cuticle and cortex cells, dramatically reduces breakage as well as improving color retention)- $20

**A recommendation can be made for your hair based on the health and desired result for an add on if necessary**

Conditioning Treatment (Add Hydration, Strength or smoothness to your hair with an intensive conditioning treatment.
Enjoy a relaxing head massage and process under a warm heat for a deep conditioning effect. Blow dry is not included) – $30

Cezanne Long Lasting Treatment (Up to 5 months of longevity*) – $400+

Cezanne Express Keratin Treatment (4-6 weeks of longevity*) – $175+

Cezanne Instant Blow Dry Extender (4 week of longevity*) – $100, $75 with Haircut

*Longevity cannot be guaranteed if guest is not using Cezanne Shampoo and Conditioner

Clipper Cut/Short Cut/Hair Cut No Blow Dry – $55+

Haircut with Blow Dry – $75+

Half Cut (clean up your undercut or thin out your density) $30
Bang Trims and Neck Trims are complementary to existing clients!

Blow Dry – $50+

Hot Tool Add on (Curls or Flat Iron) – $15+

Updo – $100+

Kiddos Under 10 – $35

Tweet Cut Kiddos 10-14 $45

**Please note there may be New Talent or Apprentices that can offer lower price points at times for various services,
or that may need a model, please inquire for availability**

By Consultation (These services have a lot of variables and are better priced after a conversation,
determined by the time service takes and products used, some services require special orders)



Hair Extensions

Creative Color

Color Corrections

Wedding Parties


Brows & Lashes:

Brow Wax: cleaning up the stray hairs to create a clean brow shape. $30

Brow Wax & Tint: a process that cleans up the hairs of the brows to create the brow shape and then uses a color dye to tint the hairs of the brow. Great for clients who want a very natural brow look and clients with lighter hair in the brow area. $50

Tint Only: $25

Brow Wax & Henna: a process that cleans up the hairs of the brows to create the brow shape and then uses henna dye to tint the skin and hairs to create a filled in look. Great for clients with less hair in the brow area and clients who want a more fuller look for their brows. $70

Henna Only: $55

Brow Lamination: a process that uses your existing brow hairs and lifts them up to create a fuller brow. Great for clients who want a natural fluffy looking brow. $75

Brow Revival: a full brow makeover that includes a brow shaping, lamination, and tint. Great for clients who have grown out their brows and are looking for a new brow look. $135

Brow Revival with Henna instead of tint: $155

Lash Lift & Tint: a process that uses your existing lashes and curls them upward to create a natural mascara look. Great for someone who wants a low maintenance makeup look. $130

Lash Tint Only: $30

Facial & Body Waxing:

Lip : $10

Chin :$10

Ear : $15

Nose : $15

1/2 Arm :$35

Full Arm :$65

Underarm :$30

1/2 Leg : $40

Full Leg : $70

Custom Bikini : $45

Brazilian : $65

Back :$65

Chest :$45

Stomach :$35


Customized Facial : A 60 minute treatment that includes a cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, and a mask that is all customized to your skin needs and goals. Suitable for all clients. $100

Dermaplane Facial: A 90 minute treatment that includes the use of a dermaplane tool that rids the skin of dead skin buildup and hair leaving the skin incredibly smooth with a brighter complexion. Also includes cleansing, extractions, and mask. Great for clients who have textured skin and for clients who want to work on fine lines and pigmentation. $150

Gua Sha Facial: A 90 minute treatment that focuses primarily on facial massage and lymphatic drainage. Also includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and mask. Great for clients with facial tension, puffiness, and skin that has lost elasticity. $150

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